Eclipse 32 Ounce Organic Cold Brew Concentrate – 2 Pack


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Hailing from a small region in Indonesia, Eclipse is as dark and encompassing as its name. Full of depth, texture and range of bold, smoky flavors, our Eclipse is the perfect addition for any adventure, night or day.

Roast: French

Region: Indonesia

Brewmaster Notes: I highly recommend this as the go-to beverage for those unfamiliar with cold brew as it’s a great way to bridge the gap between traditional iced coffee and the growing demand for cold brew!

Disclosure:  Due to my shipment package design, I require a two-bottle minimum for online orders.

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2 reviews for Eclipse 32 Ounce Organic Cold Brew Concentrate – 2 Pack

  1. Christina

    This cold brew coffee is so good. It’s full and robust and even as a coffee drinker who loves my cream and sugar… this stuff needs NOTHING. The best coffee around.

  2. Lauren

    Best cold brew I’ve ever had! This coffee tastes phenomenal. I’ve had it cold, hot, in a smoothie and in a cocktail. It adds such a strong, yet smooth flavor to any beverage. Definitely recommend!

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