“Nova Mont Blanc” – Rum & Cold Brew Cocktail


July 25, 2017

A new spin on the classic frappe submitted by Paula Z -It's inspired by the Mazagrans she grew up drinking in Europe with a splash of milk/cream and an optional shot of cognac or rum.

  • Yields: One Serving


1/3 cup Cheech's Own Cold Brew Concentrate (I used Nova)

3-5 Ice cubes (crushed if you want)

1/3 cup Milk of your choice, well-chilled

1 dash Agave, cane, rice or simple syrup to sweeten the drink (optional)

1 1/2 oz. Rum or cognac (optional)


1Into an old-fashioned glass, pour in the chilled coffee, sweetener if you are using, and whip it up a bit with the wand of the Frappe maker.

2Rinse off the wand and dry it.

3Add ice and the shot of alcohol if you are using it.

4Measure the well-chilled milk into the beaker of the Frappe maker or into a clean container if using something else, and whip it into a solid froth.

5Gently spoon the cold froth over the coffee and ice in the glass, and slowly pour in any liquid not frothed.


"This iced coffee treat is a Frappe which is kicked up quite a few notches. It is also inspired by the Mazagrans I grew up drinking in Europe; our kind never had lemon or lemonade, but always had a sliver of milk/cream in it and, if you were a grown-up, a shot of cognac or rum. By all means, add it if you feel like it. Unlike the Frappe, which is made with instant coffee crystals, this one used cold brewed coffee concentrate, ice and a milk type of your choice." - Paula Z

Special equipment:

Frappe maker OR Areolatte OR Aeroccino OR any kind of contraption that can froth chilled coffee and chilled milk. Steam frothers will not work for this recipe. You can get a battery powered Frappe maker in Greek stores or on that famous online marketplace that sells pretty much everything and anything.

Special Notes:

Soy milk will froth up thickly and nicely, but any kind of non-dairy milk, well chilled, will do. If you go with dairy milk, I recommend the whole variety; light or skim milk will not keep the froth well, sometimes even refuse to cooperate.