“Nova Mont Blanc” – Rum & Cold Brew Cocktail

A new spin on the classic frappe submitted by Paula Z -It's inspired by the Mazagrans she grew up drinking in Europe with a splash of milk/cream and an optional shot of cognac or rum.

Chicken Tostadas – Cold Brew Mole Sauce

These phenomenal, mouth-watering delights were created by Anne! She found some of our cold brew concentrate and some delicious salsa verde at a recent local event and came up with this delicious dish!

“C.O. Martinez” – Gin & Cold Brew Cocktail

Recipe created by Steve Fette

Cocoa Pow Organic Cold Brew Smoothie

Simple and packed with coffee flavor!

A simple way to attract coffee connoisseurs to a cold brew smoothie. The extra dose of cocoa really pulls the coffee flavors to the surface while the date adds a natural sweetness nobody can deny.

Cherry Charger Organic Cold Brew Smoothie

Surprisingly refreshing!

This drink not only looks attractive, but it tastes surprisingly refreshing! The blend of
cherries, almond milk, and cold brew perfectly balance each-other out down to the
last drop.