Get Ready for a Cold Brew Packed Summer!

I have been pretty busy this past Winter, and there is a lot to update you on!

Cheech’s Own Town Takeover

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to participate in Duke Farms’ Farm to Table Market. This is the only picture I was able to take, as Cheech’s Own had a better reception than I initially expected! From the market opening until it closed we were handing out ready to serve cold brews and selling bottles left and right. I’m proud to say everyone loved what I was selling!

If you’re just seeing the Cheech’s Own brand for the first time, get ready – you’ll be seeing it all season long! I’ve got plenty planned for the rest of 2016, and I’m already off to a great start!

More Features on the Website

As you can see, the Cheech’s Own website has grown just as the demand has. With a streamlined cart process, you can order online easily, along with plenty of great recipe ideas to choose from! There has been a lot in motion since you last saw me in Fall 2016. I have also been expanding my retail locations and I’m currently working on a store locator. That way, you’ll be able to easily find the closest place to buy some cold brew! Definitely, keep an eye on it, new spots will be popping up each month!

New Brew!

I’m proud to also announce our newest brew, the Eclipse! It’s the perfect complement to our Aurora. While the latter is a light brew similar to black tea, the former is a French Roast packing an amazing smoky, mocha flavor. You can learn more about Eclipse here.

Coming to an Event Near You

And now for the most exciting part! Cheech’s Own will be at a variety of events this season, from Farmer’s Markets to Street Fairs and everything in between – You can find a full schedule of where I will be throughout the summer on my Events page.

Featured image – model Christina Meerloo – IG: @ClassicNotPlastic

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