Looking for Crafty, Talented Individuals

We plan to open our flagship cafe in May 2018 right in Somerville, NJ where it all started.

Work at Cheech’s Own

Cheech’s Own started off as an organic cold-brew product two years ago, since then we have quickly evolved into something bigger. We started off by offering our cold brew at local events before joining the summer farmer’s market season. Our line of coffees was so well-received we decided to continue offering high-quality coffee all year round with a brick and mortar location.

We’re not going to be your mom and pop’s traditional cafe though. At Cheech’s Own, we will be creating unique experiences by taking a mixologist’s approach to serving our infused all natural coffees and teas:

  • The use of bartending equipment such as shakers, jiggers, etc
  • An artisanal approach to espresso, cold brew, and pour over beverages
  • Offering beverages that serve a specific purpose
    • Focus
    • Energy
    • Relaxation
    • Pre/Post-workout
  • Create mocktails out of our coffee and house-made syrups and aromatics.

What We’re Looking For

Cheech’s Own is looking for individuals who have a passion for coffee and can be creative when it comes to ingredients and combinations.

  • Passion for creating unique beverage experiences
  • Interests in recipe development
  • Attention to details
  • Interest and or passion for craft tea and coffee
  • Service industry experience (preferably barista/bartending)
  • Interest or experience with infusions

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